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5th Pan-Hellenic Festival of the Union of Vlachs at Seli, Veria (Group 1)

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All Photos below courtesy of Mr. Bob Talabac
bob04.jpg (19187 bytes) Dancing
bob06.jpg (20833 bytes) Dancing
bob07.jpg (21160 bytes) Dancing
bob08.jpg (18157 bytes) and more Dancing!
bob14.jpg (17969 bytes) Old Photos of Vlachs and their Villages on display at the Festival
bob15.jpg (23104 bytes) Re-enactments of Vlach Culture and semi-nomadic life
bob16.jpg (20316 bytes) Costumes at the Festival
bob17.jpg (22522 bytes) Group from Metsovo in Costumes
bob21.jpg (23080 bytes) Group from Kokkinoplo on Mt. Olympus

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