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America is a group of groups: Probably every culture in the world is represented here. Within each group, there are some individuals who take an active interest in cultural matters and look after culture on behalf of the wider group. We are Americans first, but we understand what we bring to American culture, too.

The Society Farsarotul is the group looking after Arumanian culture in America.

In addition, each ethnic group internationally has organized to help itself and to look after the needs of its members: not just the vital task of recording the cultural heritage before it disappears, but also more down-to-earth activities such as holding dances, looking after senior citizens and refugees, etc.

The Society Farsarotul is the group looking after the needs of the Arumanians in America.

In an American environment, groups command respect if they can speak consistently and in the terms of reference of American culture; little is achieved by splintered groups of Europeans who simply bring Old World conflicts and terms of reference to the New World and fight among themselves.

The Society Farsarotul is the oldest Arumanian society in America, and is consistent and non-political.

Every group needs an advocate to speak out on its behalf when needed. Every member of every American ethnic group has a responsibility to support advocates who speak for the entire community. Even those less active and less interested can keep in touch and can support without involvement by simply maintaining an active membership in their advocate organization.

The Society Farsarotul is the advocate of all Arumanians, and it requires your support.


The Society Farsarotul is for all Arumanians, regardless of their ancestors' region or village of origin. In fact, even non-Arumanians may join, as (non-voting) supporting members. A Membership Application is included in this Newsletter. If you are already a member, please pass this on to a friend or relative who you think might be interested in supporting the Society's activities. Note that annual dues are half-priced for students, and student members are eligible for scholarships.

Membership Form

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