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Metsovo (Group 1)

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All Photos below courtesy of Mr. Bob Talabac
bob01.jpg (17975 bytes) Hotel Lobby, Metsovo
bob02.jpg (17007 bytes) Main Street, Metsovo
bob03.jpg (17470 bytes) View of the Village of Metsovo
bob05.jpg (24336 bytes) Old Vlach men at bus stop in Main Square of Metsovo
bob09.jpg (22033 bytes) Mountain Transportation in Metsovo
bob10.jpg (18035 bytes) View of Metsovo
bob11.jpg (18558 bytes) View of Metsovo
bob12.jpg (22390 bytes) Pondering in Metsovo
bob13.jpg (15988 bytes) View of Metsovo across ravine from sister village of Anilio
bob18.jpg (23215 bytes) Sheep resting in meadows of Metsovo
bob19.jpg (16263 bytes) View of Mountains from Main Square of Metsovo
bob20.jpg (18054 bytes) Hotel Fireplace in Metsovo

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